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SL.No Milestone

Announcement of the challenge 08.11.2023

Submission of registration form along with proposal 20.11.2023

Announcement of Selection of teams for Second round (Maximum 50 teams will be selected) 15.01.2024

Submission of Design Report (DR) by selected teams 15.02.2024

Feedback on DR by organisers 01.03.2024

Demo of prototype by selected teams 15.05.2024

Selection of teams for final round (Maximum 10 teams will be selected) 25.05.2024

Release of task particulars for final round 01.06.2024

Operation Readiness Review and feedback 01.07.2024

Team Preparation Day 04.08.2024

ISRO Robotics Challenge Day 05.08.2024

Awards Ceremony on National Space Day 23.08.2024

Note 1: Organisers reserve the right to change the dates depending on exigency of situation.

Note 2: All deadlines are on 8.30 PM (IST) on the respective dates.