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Functions of URSC

  • The primary function of URSC is design, development, integration and testing of different categories of satellites like, Communication, Earth observation, Navigation and Space Science Satellites.
  • The centre is responsible for the total Spacecraft project management from Conceptualisation phase to In-orbit spacecraft operationalisation phase
  • Pursue Research & developments in the area of advanced state-of-the-art satellite related technologies and also establish necessary infrastructure for satellite building activities.
  • Actively involve Private, Public sector Industries for realising satellite systems.
  • Promote and encourage student community by providing opportunities for Universities, Colleges and Academia in Research & Developmental activities including Small Satellites.

Functions of LEOS:

  • Design, development, fabrication, assembly, testing and delivery of various electro-optic sensors for ISRO's LEO, GEO, Science & Interplanetary missions. These sensors include Sun sensors, Earth sensors, magnetometer, star sensors and processing electronic packages.
  • The Centre is also focussing on advanced sensor technology development activities.
  • Owing to the increased requirement, LEOS has initiated vendor development and successfully outsourced the fabrication, assembly & testing of Sun sensors, Scanning Earth Sensors and processing electronics.
  • Necessary Infrastructure for sensor development, fabrication & testing are also established.