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Student Satellites

ISRO has been encouraging student community to participate in ISRO missions and learn space technology as capacity building effort to prepare the future space scientists and technologists as well as to develop future vendors in this area, who can design develop, fabricate, test, space technology sub-systems and units for consumption within the country as well as to become competitors in the world market.

Over the past few decades of ISRO's space programme several universities / academic institutions have participated in the space related programmes as well as technology development. As part of this, several institutions were interested in introducing education in the space technology and subsequently space sciences have taken initiative and designed student satellites as well as developed payloads. In order to coordinate all the activities related to space technology projects by students in the university, especially student satellites, ISRO has established a mechanism to streamline these activities in the form of small satellites as part of Indian remote sensing programme.

Over the years, ISRO/URSC has built and launched several small satellites in collaboration with academia and universities within/outside countries. The details are as follows:


Contact for further information :

Programme Coordinator,
Student Satellite Projects,
U R Rao Satellite Centre / ISRO, Bengaluru

Ph : 080-2508 4174 (D) / 4480 (O)
email : stu_sats[at]ursc[dot]gov[dot]in