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Who's who

URSC Council members :


Shri. P Kunhikrishnan +91-80-25084469 (office) E-mail : director[at]ursc[dot]gov[dot]in


Smt. Vijayalakshmi P Bidari +91-80-25084469 (office) E-mail : controller[at]ursc[dot]gov[dot]in

Director, LEOS

Dr. Sriram K V +91-80-28394219 (office)

Deputy Directors

Name Area Phone No.
Shri. Kiran B S Mission Development Area +91-80-25084469
Smt. Bhanumathy Y.R Spacecraft Reliability & Quality Area +91-80-25084469
Smt. Vanitha M. Payload Data Mgmt & Space Astronomy Area +91-80-25084469
Dr. Alok Kumar Shrivastava Mechanical Systems Area +91-80-25084469
Dr. Venkateswara Sharma S Systems Production Area +91-80-25084469
Dr. Hariharan V K Integration and Checkout Area +91-80-25084469
Sri Sankaran M Communication and Power Area +91-80-25084469
Sri Subramanya Udupa Controls and Digital Area +91-80-25084469
Sri Sethuraman K Management and Information systems Area +91-80-25084469
Shri Venkatesh V Components & Materials Management Area +91-80-25084469

Program Directors

Name Area Phone No.
Shri. PrakashRao P J V K S Space Infrastructure: LEO & Planetary Platform +91-80-25084469
Dr. Philip N K Satellite Navigation Programme +91-80-25084469
Shri Pradeep Kumar Gupta Space Infrastructure: GEO Platform +91-80-25084469

Chief General Manager, Facilities

Sri Deviprasad Karnik +91-80-25084469 (office)

Sr Head, P&GA

Sri Pattabiraman N +91-80-25084469 (office)