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U R Rao Satellite Centre (URSC), Bangalore is the prime agency for realising satellites for the Indian Space Program. The Indian Satellite Program has been built around the theme of providing technology based solutions to Indian Society. With the ever expanding role of satellite technology in day-to-day life of Indian citizens, the demand for satellites has grown over the last decade. This is reflected in growing number of satellites launched over several years. URSC has met these demands of the country through internal resources and also by involving Indian Industries in various spheres of satellite system realisation. In order to bring technology closer to people, satellites have a larger role to contribute in the technological growth and the Indian economy.

In order to address the increasing demands of satellites for National requirements, URSC is now looking for Indian Industries to support in the realisation of different satellite sub-systems. URSC plans to increase its outsourcing to industries in tandem with the growing satellite requirements. Industry stands to benefit with such exposure to cutting-edge technology, best reliability practices and importantly through improved manufacturing and quality standards.

URSC and Indian Industries stand to gain by engaging with each other and making the dream of self-reliant Indian Space Program a reality.