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NSD-2018: Summary

main `National Science Day' is celebrated all over India on 28th February every year with great passion and enthusiasm to inculcate a scientific spirit in the young minds and kindle their curiousity towards scientific reasoning at a very young age. This day is celebrated in commemoration of the discovery of Raman Effect by the Indian Physicist Sir C.V. Raman in the year 1928, which fetched him the prestigious Nobel prize in Physics in the year 1930.

U R Rao Satellite Centre , Bangalore, celebrated National Science Day(NSD), every year, by encouraging students and teachers from various schools in and around Bangalore to participate in various events organised by the centre. "Science and Technology for sustainable future" is the theme of NSD-2018 and all NSD events has been organised linking to the theme.

NSD celebrations at URSC was inaugurated by Director, URSC on the 28th Feb 2018. Two exhibits viz., Mobile science exhibition by M/s Agastya International Foundation and Mobile Planetarium by M/s Varnaaz Technologies, were set up at the entrance of the Main Building. The students were entertained with both these exhibits largely. In addition, the students and teachers from various schools visited the space exhibition at our centre which had displays of various satellite models right from Aryabhata to Mars Orbiter Mission and exhibits related to space and satellite technology.

The events for the students held this year have seen a very wide participation of about 1000 students from about 100 schools from various parts of Bangalore. On 17th Feb 2018, two events "Essay Competition" and "Test of Scientific Temper" were organised for the students. Essay Competition had about 150 students participating from about 30+ schools who wrote excellent essays on two topics "Solar energy for sustainable future" and "Electric vehicles for a sustainable future: Bane or Boon". The event Test of Scientific Temper kept all the participating students engrossed into the depths of science for about 90 minutes with various inquisitive questions for them to think through and bring out scientific reasoning.

On the 24th of Feb 2018, Teachers Event, Innovative Ideas and Extempore Science Elocution events were organised. The Teachers Event had about 15 presentations selected from the teachers speaking on Science and Technology for sustainable future, with about 30 teachers and students participating in the event.

The event Innovative Ideas had a good number of participants with about 30 students bringing out very innovative and thought provoking ideas on two topics: Life is confirmed on an extraterrestrial planet, what will you plan for space missions and Application of artificial intelligence in space industry . It was very impressive to listen to the young and energetic minds bringing out exciting ideas on these topics.

The event Extempore Science Elocution also had a very overwhelming participation from about 70 students from various schools talking on topics related to the theme of NSD-2018. It was indeed very amazing to listen to the extempore ideas of the young kids bringing out very informative points on various topics. It was also a very tight competition and the judges had a tough time in selecting the prize winners. On 28 Feb, 2018- NSD-2018, three other competitions were organised in the forenoon: Science Quiz, Spot Painting and Science in Action. About 300 students participated in these competitions. While the Science Quiz tested the depth of knowledge in the young minds, the Science in Action made them realize the level of understanding of the fundamentals of science in them. Spot Painting brought the artists in the young and energetic students, which amazed all with its glory.

The valedictory function was conducted on 28th Feb, 2017 in the afternoon, which began with the National Anthem. Dr. M. Annadurai, Director URSC presided over the function. A melodious invocation song was rendered by Ms. Ankita Pramanik , a student of K.V., NAL. Dr. Anil Agarwal, Chairman, NSD-2018 welcomed the gathering with a brief address. A short presentation was made on the glimpses of science and its applications at URSC, by Ms. Rahamatnisa from Space Navigation Group, URSC and Dr. Sankarsubramaniam from Space Astronomy Group, URSC. Dr. M.C. Ramadevi, Member Secretary, NSD-2018 presented the report of NSD-2018. The Presidential address was given by Dr. M. Annadurai, Director, URSC, who presided over the function. His speech kept all the students in the hall entertained throughout the talk and was very interactive. The motivational and inspirational NSD-lecture was delivered by the Chief Guest Dr. B. S. Shylaja, from the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium on the entertaining topic Binary Stars and Gravitational Waves?. It was very informative and the interactive session at the end of the talk had many queries from the students who were attentive throughout the lecture. The prize winners of various events in NSD-2018 were awarded the respective prizes by the dignitaries on the dais. NSD-2018 glitz which discusses the glimpse of the NSD celebrations at URSC, was released by the dignitaries. The vote of thanks was given by Mr. Jayasimha, one of the conveners of NSD-2018.

National Science Day, NSD-2018 at URSC was very well organized with a number of events and competitions by a number of Conveners and Members of the organizing committee, NSD-2018, with an overwhelming response from various schools in and around Bangalore.

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