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Round Task Document
Prelims Registration and Submission of Proposal Report Click here to download Prelims Rules Book v1.2
1.6MB application/pdf icon Last updated on 11-12-2023

Click here to download template for proposal report
159KB application/pdf word Last updated on 17-11-2023

Click here to download Parasolid file
19.6MB application/x_t parasolid Last updated on 17-11-2023
Quals Submission of Design Report and Demonstration of Prototype operation on the specified arena. Click here to download details of Arena v1.1
800KB application/pdf word Last updated on 14-02-2024

Click here to download Quals Rule Book v1.0
1.1MB application/pdf word Last updated on 02-02-2024
Field Round The final onsite competition to perform the required tasks is planned to be conducted at URSC Bengaluru Campus. Details shall be provided.