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Satellite Technology Day

Nineteenth of April 1975 is a historic day for the Indian Space Programme. On this day, India's first satellite 'Aryabhata' was launched successfully, which has spear headed the growth of satellite technologies. To commemorate this event, 19th of April, every year is being celebrated as Technology Day, since the year 2000, showcasing the various achievements made in the area of satellite technology.

Satellite Technology Day-2016:

Satellite Technology Day was celebrated at U R Rao Satellite Centre , Bengaluru, on 25th April 2016, commemorating the anniversary of launch of India's first satellite Aryabhata. The event comprised the Aryabhata Lecture and a technical Symposium along with display of posters and models of spacecraft systems hardware.

The Aryabhata Lecture was delivered by the Distinguished Chief Guest, Sri S K Sharma, Chairman & Managing Director of Bharat Electronics Limited, Bengaluru.

A call for papers was issued to all ISRO centers on the developments related to spacecraft technology. There was a highly enthusiastic response by the ISRO community to this call and over fifty papers were received. Rigorous evaluations of the papers were carried out by meticulously selected domain experts. The following six outstanding papers were selected for presentation during the Satellite Technology Day - 2016 symposium:

  1. Challenges in realization of SWIR band Camera Electronics for IMAGER Payload of INSAT-3D
  2. A new RTV Silicone Adhesive for Solar Cell Bonding in Satellites
  3. Root cause analysis of failure & design modification of Snubber for Solar Panel Mechanisms
  4. Estimation of solar array power generation of geosynchronous spacecraft with sequential switching shunt regulator (S3R) - An approach towards minimizing inaccuracies
  5. Design and development of Synthesizer based Satellite Telecommand Receiver
  6. Development of twin Bellow Pump for Space application

The selected papers brought out the ongoing design and development in different areas of spacecraft technology. The authors of the selected papers were honoured on the occasion with a memento and a citation.


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