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NSD-2015: Summary

National Science Day (NSD) is celebrated every year with the participation of students from schools and colleges in and around Bangalore. It is being celebrated to spread a message about the significance of scientific applications in day-today life of the people. U R Rao Satellite Centre has been celebrating National Science Day, with an objective, to bring awareness among the students, about the space science and related technologies and its wide applications in our day-today life.

The National Science Day theme of this year has been "Science for Nation Building..."

National Science Day - 2015 was celebrated at URSC on 2nd March, 2015. Students were classified in following categories:
Category - A: Standard 1 to 4

Category - B: Standard 5 to 7
Category - C: Standard 8 to 10

Following events were organised on three different dates (21-Feb-2015, 28-Feb-2015 and 2-Mar-2015):

Sl noName of EventEligible Category
1 Essay Competition B,C
2 Extempore Science Elocution B,C
3 Test of Scientific Temper C
4 Science in Action B,C
5 Spot Painting A,B
6 Science Quiz C
7 Teachers Event Science Teachers

On 21st February, about 150 students from 23 schools participated in Essay & Extempore Science Elocution competition.

On 28th February, about 200 students from 36 schools participated in Test of Scientific Temper and Science in Action competitions. An event for science teachers was also conducted on the topic "How to Motivate Students in Nation Building Through Science". eight participants from various schools participated in this event.

On 2nd March, about 400 students from 50 schools participated in Spot Painting and Science Quiz. Students, teachers and parents witnessed the success story of Indian space programme showcased in satellite exhibition gallery of URSC.


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