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World Space Week - 2022

4th Oct 2022 : Inauguration Program

wsw2022 U R Rao Satellite Centre (URSC) celebrated the World Space Week-2022 from 4th Oct 2022 – 10th Oct 2022. The theme of this years celebrations was “Space and Sustainability”. The celebrations kick started on 4th Oct 2022 with an inauguration of the program at the U R Rao Satellite centre. Smt. Sadhana A, Director, Visweswaraya Industrial and Technological Museum (VITM), Bengaluru was the Chief Guest of the program and delivered the talk on several aspects of space science and its importance for common person. She emphasised on how VITM has been showcasing various aspects of space science for students and common citizens. Director, URSC Shri. M Sankaran, presided over the function. He emphasised the importance and need for celebrations of World Space Week. The inauguration program was attended by around 250 school students in and around Bengaluru. A talk was organised on Tracking of Space Objects by the URSC HAM Radio club and students were introduced to track a Space object using simple applications. A quiz program was also conducted to the students on space science and winners were awarded during the inauguration program.

All India Radio (AIR) Program – 4th Oct to 10th Oct 2022


  • As part of the WSW-2022 celebrations, URSC hosted a 1 hour program, daily from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm in AIR Radio from 4th Oct to 10th Oct 2022.
  • This wide outreach program of the space activities was hosted in All India Radio FM Rainbow 101.3 MHz. A special program “Exploring the Space” was conceived and jointly organised by URSC/ISRO and AIR.
The AIR Program included the following
  1. Introductory Talk by Director, URSC Shri. M Sankaran on 4th Oct 2022.
  2. Introduction of Books written in kannada by URSC personal on Space scientists and Space science. The authors of the books introduced the books written by them in simple languages.
  3. Quiz questions related to space science, technology, space scientists, etc. were posed to audiences during the 1 hour program.
  4. 1st Correct answer for each question were awarded with book sponsored by URSC/ISRO.
  5. The program on 10th Oct 2022 ended by a brief talk by Shri. Ramanagouda Nadagouda, Deputy Director, Integration and Checkout Area & Chairman of WSW-2022 regarding celebrations of World Space Week.

WSW-2022 - Celebrations across state

wsw2022 URSC personal visited various locations across the state to spread the knowledge of space science as part of the WSW-2022 celebrations. Events were organised in eight venues, where in more than 9000 students from around 200 schools attended Exhibition of models and posters were organised which attracted a large number of students to ISRO activities in particular and space in general. At each locations, students from neighbouring schools and colleges attend the event. Competitions like quiz, elocution and painting were organised for the students. Prizes were distributed to all the winners of various competitions. Make your own ‘Astrosat’ 3D paper model, Space Odyssey, Launch Vehicles broachers, Key chains & pens were distributed to all students visiting the exhibitions.

10th Oct 2022 : Valedictory Program

wsw2022 The concluding session of World Space Week Events was held on 10th October 2019 at URSC, Bengaluru. Shri Jasvinder Singh Khoral, Alternate Chairman WSW-2022 Committee welcomed the gathering. Shri. Ramanagouda Nadagouda, Chairman WSW-2022 briefed about the activities carried out during the world space week. Shri. Pramod G Galgali, Director, Nehru Planetarium, Bengaluru was the Chief Guest and spoke about the important inventions that led to the progress of space science. Director, URSC expressed his happiness about the way WSW events planned and successfully organised at various institutional venues across Karnataka. The program was attended by around 175 school students in and around Bengaluru. A program had technical talk, visit to URSC Exhibition and quiz program on space science. Winners of the quiz were awarded during the program.


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Gallery : Celebrations of WSW-2022 across the state