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Science Promotion

Apart from reaching out to millions of people by the way of satellite applications, URSC also reaches out not only to the student and the teacher community but also to the general public at large. Some of the initiatives instituted to reach out to the students and public are the National Science Day, Satellite technology day as well as organizing visits to URSC. The main objective of these initiatives are to foster space science and its applications amongst the audience, rekindle the scientific temper in the young minds and to promote awareness about the exciting career opportunities that ISRO has to offer.

The initiatives like Chandrayaan-1, Megha-Tropiques, CRABEX, PLANEX, SRE science experiments etc., would provide exciting opportunities to attract young research scientists and students to space science arena. Special effort is being made to organise training workshops, create special awareness and fellowships etc., to enable participation by students and scientists from universities and academic institutions. With the initiation of these major space science missions and their realisation, considerable interest and expertise have been generated.


Science Promotion

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