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NSD-2014: Summary

This year's NSD was celebrated with a participation of approximately 1200 school students from more than 80 schools in and around Bangalore. Five competitions, viz, Essay Writing, Extempore for Science Elocution, Test of Scientific Temper, Spot Painting and Science Quiz were held. The Space Exhibition depicting ISRO heritage in space systems was opened to the school children and teachers. A popular event 'Science in Action' was also organised. The main attraction in this event was the demo of the Quad-copter.

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The chief guest Dr Vijayalakshmi K. Balekundri, Paediatric Cardiologist, Jayadeva Hospital addressed the audience on the valedictory function held on Feb 28th. She gave a detailed description of the effects of modern life on the health of people and steps to be taken to keep ourselves healthy.

The Sishugriha Montessori and Primary School, Bangalore won the best Performance Trophy by winning the maximum number of events organised.