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MARS Orbiter Mission

Lift-off Mass 1337 kg
Structures Aluminum and Composite Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) sandwich construction-modified I-1 K Bus
Mechanism Solar Panel Drive Mechanism (SPDM), Reflector & Solar panel deployment
Propulsion Bi propellant system (MMH + N2O4) with additional safety and redundancy features for MOI. Propellant mass:852 kg
Thermal System Passive thermal control system
Power System Single Solar Array-1.8 m X 1.4 m - 3 panels - 840 W Generation (in Martian orbit), Battery:36Ah Li-ion
Attitude and Orbit Control System AOCE (Attitude and Orbit Control Electronics): with MAR31750 Processor

Sensors: Star sensor (2 Nos), Solar Panel Sun Sensor (1 No), Coarse Analogue Sun Sensor

Actuators: Reaction Wheels (4 Nos), Thrusters (8 Nos), 440N Liquid Engine
Antennae: Low Gain Antenna (LGA), Mid Gain Antenna (MGA) and High Gain Antenna (HGA)
Launch Date Nov 05, 2013
Launch Site SDSC-SHAR Centre, Sriharikota, India
Launch Vehicle PSLV - C25