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Technology Transfer - Available

As an act of policy commensurate with the DOS/ISRO Technology Transfer Policy, U R Rao Satellite Centre has been transferring its in-house developed technologies to the Indian Industry for commercial exploitation.

In order to utilise the resources for R&D engagement in cutting-edge technology, URSC has been transferring the routine activities to the Indian industries. This has resulted in diversifying the products of Indian industries, increasing their business volumes and upgrading their quality standards and levels for commercial exploitation.

Many of the in-house developed technologies either by themselves or after necessary modifications find applications in other areas which could be commercialized. These technologies are transferred to the Indian industry with the idea of multiplying their benefits by diffusing them into other area of national technological endeavour.

110 technologies are currently available for transfer to the Indian Industry. Over the years, URSC had built these systems and it is now available for transfer to industry. In the years to come, URSC shall expand this list further.

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